What We Do

Responsiveness, Competency and Safety – that’s what our telecom customers expect, and it is what Ethos delivers.

Ethos starts with full review of our customer’s technical requirements to ensure that our technicians fully understand the job expectations and are trained and equipped to perform the work in a professional and safe manner. We understand that it’s the details that matter – to our customers, and to our employee’s safety.

At Ethos, we take pride in our workmanship. We warranty our workmanship and stay on each job until all of our contractual obligations and our customers’ expectations are met. To that end, our distributed service infrastructure provides a logistics support network that allows our field techs to solve problems on-site, in real time.

How We Do It

Ethos’ expertise and engineering backbone is what separates us from other telecom service providers. Our cross-training between renewable and telecom O&M creates a technical competency that is unmatched in the market.

We have a training infrastructure to ensure that all of our techs have the basic training such as fiber testing, climbing, sweeping, etc. We require OSHA 30, first aid, CPR, fall rescue, background check and DOT-compliant alcohol and drug testing for every technician we place in the field. Our pool of technicians represent a unique blend of A.S. degreed technicians and those with hands-on experience.

The following is a list of services we provide:

  • Antenna system upgrade
  • Complete Cellular Tower construction
    • Monopole
    • Stealth
    • Rooftop
    • Self Supporting Towers
    • Guyed Wire Towers
  • Fiber optic design, installation and maintenance
  • Cellular Carrier site relocation
    • Hot swaps
  • On call maintenance (up tower and down tower)
    • Maintenance window
    • Rapid response
    • “Tiger” team support
  • Safety One Climber Certified
  • ETA International Fiber Optics Installer
  • Certified Fiber testing
  • Site decommissioning
  • Microwave backhaul cabinets
  • Certified Anritsu PIM testing
  • Certified Anritsu Line Sweep

Light Brigade

Safety One



Why Choose Ethos

If you need a technically competent, reliable and safety-first service provider for your wireless infrastructure needs, then Ethos’ distributed work force of highly trained technicians is your most cost-effective solution. We provide one stop shopping for your field service requirements, with the reputation and experience to back it up.